10 romantic gestures for any budget

Audrey Claire, My Wingwoman Founder & Coach
Feb 11, 2019

It doesn’t always take a lot of effort or money to make someone feel special. Here’s 10 ways to surprise and delight your partner:

  1. Throw a picnic somewhere unexpected. Even throwing a rug down, getting some lounge pillows and ordering Uber Eats by some candles on your balcony could be super romantic! No balcony? No problem! Even a lounge-room picnic with some music, candles, cheese and wine can go a LONG way.
  2. Have a bath together or simply run your partner a bath while you prepare dinner. Make sure the bath is complete with candles and their favourite relaxing music. To really take this up a level, transition from bath to oil massage and see what happens!
  3. Write them a letter and hide it somewhere they’ll find first thing on Valentine’s Day morning (hint: their underwear drawer is a good one, or next to their aftershave/deodorant).
  4. Write post-it notes about all the things you love about them and your time together. Stick them on the bathroom mirror in the shape of a love heart for them to discover when they wake up or arrive home. Tip:  you may need to use sticky tape as well to stop them from falling off overnight! I made that mistake once!
  5. Record a little video or voice message telling them why you appreciate and love them and surprise them by sending it to them during the day.
  6. Take a drive to somewhere with a great view. You could do your research and go somewhere new OR go to a romantic spot with special meaning for you and your partner.
  7. If you live together, do something you wouldn’t normally do for them. You could prep a week of healthy lunches or do their ironing. This one works even better when it’s something they know you don’t enjoy doing!
  8. Think about something thoughtful that could really help them in their life right now. It doesn’t have to be big. For example, are they about to do a bucket load of work or study? A coffee machine or a new set of stationery could be a thoughtful and supportive gift idea.
  9. Cook them their favourite meal. Even if you’re a terrible cook, you can improvise by getting semi-prepared meals or learning to create something by studying You-tube videos. The effort you go and the fact you’re pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone just to make them feel special will make an impact.
  10. Plan a weekend away somewhere but keep all the detail as a surprise. To ramp up the romance, send them a text or even better, give them card with instructions on what they need to bring and one or two cryptic clues that gets them excited about what’s in store. The plans don’t need to be epic or expensive, the thought and planning and keeping a lot of it a surprise will make it extra special.


© My Wingwoman 2019

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