Audrey Claire

Founder & Coach, My Wingwoman

Hi! I’m Audrey. I’m a coffee addict, dog lover and founder of My Wingwoman. I’m passionate about helping women and men to feel more confident and empowered in their love life. Navigating modern dating is hard enough, why do it alone?

My Approach

Imagine if you felt more confident than ever, self-assured about what you had to offer and knew how to approach dating so you can save a lot of time, energy and unnecessary frustration.

I arm my clients with practical, advanced communication skills and the attitude to tackle dating on their terms, so they feel confident, energised and ready to find love.

Bachelor of Communication – Monash University, Australia
Certified Life Coach – Cert IV, Life Coaching Institute, Australia

My Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with communication and relationships. As a little girl, I used to eavesdrop on adult conversations and can vividly remember paying close attention to body language plus all the new words I’d learn. As a teenager, from my first dates I became fascinated with relationship dynamics and have been ever since.

I’m a communication and dating expert, writer, speaker and certified coach with over a decade of experience in fields with communication at their core.

Today I work with smart singles who don’t want to waste any (more) time. Regardless of whether you’re tired of go-nowhere dates and thinking “get me off this rollercoaster already!” or whether you’re feeling ready to tackle dating again after a long time out of action, My Wingwoman can help.

And let’s face it, dating is HARD (not to mention scary, frustrating and downright painful at times).


My Values & Beliefs

Communication is key

I believe skilled communication is core to connecting with more people, forming closer bonds and feeling really satisfied with life in general.

Love is out there

Everyone deserves love and we shouldn’t be ashamed of being desirous of finding a worthy companion. Life can be richer for it!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

You don’t have to be James Bond or Scarlett Johansson to cultivate your own brand of charisma and find someone who loves you unconditionally.

Own it

Focus on strengths and do what you can to improve only the weaknesses worth working on. Everything in balance, I say.

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