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Practical coaching for men on specific areas of dating.
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Navigating modern dating can be challenging. I like to work with smart men (who happen to be single) who’re prepared to be challenged, open to constructive criticism and are looking for a relationship.

My personalised coaching sessions for men often revolve around tapping into helpful mindsets and arming you with communication skills that help you tackle dating on your terms so you feel more confident, energised and in charge of where your love life is headed.

My style of coaching does not subscribe to, nor agree with the ‘pick up artist’ tactics that are not only outdated but often quite disrespectful. I find these to be very ‘one size fits all’ ideals about what it means to be masculine and attractive.

You don’t need to be Ryan Gosling, James Bond or George Clooney to cultivate your own brand of charisma, set a clear standard and date confidently with purpose.

In a personalised coaching session,  relevant focus areas could include:

Tapping into your genuine strengths and what makes you attractive to a woman so you feel more confident letting the real you shine through more often

Crystal clarity on your dating standards and why they’re important to you, so you feel more empowered, self-assured and better at screening for quality

Sharpening the communication skills that help you stand out, make a great impression, be more attractive and project the right kind of confidence

Identify unhelpful dating habits /attitudes that are blocking you from love and developing strategies to overcome these

Demystifying the female dating mindset so you avoid common communication pitfalls

What’s the investment?

A personalised 90-minute 1:1 session is $249 AUD.

Client Testimonials

“I got a lot out of working with Audrey. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to engage Audrey’s services and I found Audrey to be very honest, direct and insightful. She really demystified modern dating for me – highly recommended!”


30s, Australia

“Audrey worked with me to identify both my dating strengths and weaknesses and gave me specific, targeted advice to help me improve. I got a lot out of my session with My Wingwoman.  I came away with clarity on the things that were hindering my online dating success and with new insight into what to focus on to improve in my presentation and interaction with women. I would highly recommend My Wingwoman to others looking to maximise their use of online dating!”


32, Australia

“Audrey had great insight and helped me challenge previous unhelpful beliefs about dating. It was great to get an outside perspective on things. Audrey was very professional and sophisticated. Highly recommended!”


40s, Australia

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