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For women looking to get better results from their online dating profile.
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Whether you’re brand new to online dating OR simply looking to ensure you’re getting better quality, faster results from it… this is the service for you.

Online dating is a fantastic tool for anyone looking for love; but like most tools, if you’re not using it correctly, you will experience A LOT of unnecessary frustration, disappointment and wasted time.

My years of helping both men AND women with their online dating profiles has given me a unique perspective on what both sexes look for when they’re browsing dating apps, what helps people stand out (for all the right reasons) and the common mistakes that are easily avoided.

Imagine if you could feel confident, self-assured and even ENJOY yourself while taking full advantage of the benefits of online dating.

This 1:1 online dating masterclass for women focuses on:

Understanding how to become someone who gets great outcomes online instead of getting frustrated and burnt out

Appreciating the nuances in how men are using dating apps so you’re avoiding common mistakes women make all the time

Getting crystal clear on who you’re looking for and ensuring your profile is a magnet for this type of person

Get better at screening matches and spotting red flags so you can avoid disappointment, unnecessary rejection and time wasters

Arming you with chat techniques men LOVE so you can stand out from the crowd, have better quality conversations and turn more chats into great dates

Identifying the dating apps that are best for you to suit your usage habits and preferences

Clear profile photo guidance, including critique of any existing photos

Optional referral for Melbourne-based clients to a photographer for great shots

Online profile copy written for you!

What’s the investment?

This personalised 1:1 session is $349 which includes profile copy written for you.

Client Testimonials

“I got so much out of my time with Audrey. She really went above and beyond. She made me feel comfortable and was very skilled at eliciting what I am looking for in a partner. Most valuable was the advice she shared about how to construct an online dating profile that attracts the right suitors. I feel much more confident about dating after spending time with Audrey, who covered so much ground during our time together with generosity, empathy and understanding. I highly recommend Audrey as a dating coach!”


30s, Melbourne

“Audrey makes me feel more empowered when I date online or date in general. Audrey always challenges me, which I love as it helps ensure that I don’t drop the bar in my attempt to find a partner. I have also become more aware of past dating pitfalls and consciously address my behaviour if I see my ‘old self’ re-emerging.”


30s, Australia

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