For women who want to start dating again but feel overwhelmed as it’s been a long while since actively ‘dating’.
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Can you relate?

Have you been putting off ‘dating’ again because even the thought of it feels totally overwhelming and painful?

Has it been a while since you ‘dated’ and you want to avoid making common mistakes (or the same mistakes again!?)

Are you curious about online dating but not sure if you’re doing it right?

Feel cool, calm and confident about starting to date again so you can get on with this next rewarding chapter of your life and feel really good about it.

In a personalised series of coaching sessions, we’ll focus on:


Getting clear on what success looks like for you this time round so you can feel more in charge in this area of your life and date on your terms!


Crystal clarity on your dating standards and why they’re important to you, so you feel empowered, self-assured and stop tolerating less than you deserve!


Tapping into your strengths so you can feel a renewed confidence in what you bring to the table, actually enjoy dating and avoid seeing it as a chore.


Identifying unhelpful past dating habits so you can remove unnecessary barriers to finding love and save a lot of time!


Discovering communication techniques you can use throughout the dating experience so you feel confident in your ability to connect, especially with men that deserve a look in!


Having a plan and personalised coaching support so you don’t feel this is something you have to tackle solo!

What time investment is involved?

We’ll have 1.5 hour sessions every two weeks, at a time that suits you. We’ll have 6 sessions in total over three months.

I offer my clients the option of starting with a single session and deciding from there whether they’d like to continue to the multi-session series.

Where will we have our sessions?

I offer in-person coaching at various locations in Melbourne and also video conferencing via Zoom.

What’s the investment?

Personalised 1:1 coaching is $249 per session or $1197 for a 6 session coaching series over three months.

Payment plans are available for the multi-session series. Most clients choose to pay 3 monthly installments.

I also offer free 20 minute initial phone consults, so why not take advantage of this and get in touch now.


More questions? No worries! You can read my FAQs here or simply get in touch below!

Client Testimonials

“I was in my mid-50s, and terrified of dating in general, and online dating in particular, coming out of a long marriage.  After an unsuccessful couple of months of dating online without help I found Audrey.  She helped me clarify my own goals and standards.  She guided me to MUCH better photographs and profile text.  She got me started on a more suitable online platform and coached me on chatting.  I was immediately connecting with many more men.  By the time of my fourth meeting with Audrey I had been on my fourth date with a lovely man and am still seeing him now.  If this does not last I have had one happy experience and will be ready to get back out there.

Audrey changed my life!”


50s, Melbourne

“Audrey has demystified online dating for me by breaking down the stages, process and mental attitude you need to actually enjoy the experience. I met a guy and had her advice in mind during my first few dates with him. I’m still seeing him! I’m very thankful My Wingwoman (Audrey) was there, I always felt she really cared about how I was progressing. I now feel more ownership over my romantic needs. Very highly recommended!”


38, Melbourne

“Having not dated for a few years after the end of a marriage, I was a little hesitant about venturing out into the dating scene. With the rise of online dating, this was also a little intimidating to me. So when I was introduced to Audrey, I couldn’t have been more grateful for her care, deep insight and ability to tailor my ideal approach to finding love. Within a short period of time, Audrey helped me regain my dating confidence, gave clarity to my personal relationship needs and guided me towards finding my ideal match. She is a highly intuitive, passionate and a gifted person who is fully dedicated to helping people of all ages, genders and circumstances find long lasting love. Everyone deserves a Wingwoman and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”


40s, Malvern

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