For women of all ages who are actively dating but looking to reset their approach
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Can you relate?

Having trouble finding a relationship that lasts more than a few months

Feeling like you’re on a dating roller-coaster with one disappointment after another

Starting to worry you’ll be single for the rest of your life

Attracting emotionally unavailable or commitment-phobic men

Getting frustrated and ‘giving up’ only to try again and get the same result

Feel a renewed confidence, refresh your whole approach so you can stop wasting time, investing in go-nowhere relationships and feel self-assured about meeting the right guy.

In a personalised series of coaching sessions, we’ll focus on…


Getting clear on unhelpful dating habits so you can get rid of unnecessary barriers to finding love and save a lot of time!


Crystal clarity on your dating standards and why they’re important to you, so you feel empowered, self-assured and stop tolerating less than you deserve!


Get better at screening and spotting red flags early so you avoid unnecessary disappointment


Tapping into your strengths so you can feel more confident in your own skin and start to enjoy dating


Sharpening the communication strategies you use through the dating process so you connect better with men who actually deserve a look in!

What time investment is involved?

We’ll have 1.5 hour sessions every two weeks, at a time that suits you. We’ll have 6 sessions in total over three months.

I offer my clients the option of starting with a single session and deciding from there whether they’d like to continue to the multi-session series.

Where will we have our sessions?

I offer in-person coaching at various locations in Melbourne and also video conferencing via Zoom.

What’s the investment?

Personalised 1:1 coaching is $249 per session or $1197 for a 6 session coaching series over three months.

Payment plans are available for the multi-session series. Most clients choose to pay 3 monthly installments.

I also offer free 20 minute initial phone consults, so why not take advantage of this and get in touch now.


More questions? No worries! You can read my FAQs here or simply get in touch below!

Client Testimonials

“Audrey is clearly very invested in her clients’ success. I felt a real sense of mutual dedication to working through my unhelpful dating patterns and to literally clearing the decks and working on resetting my approach. After just a few sessions with Audrey I feel I have taken a big step in the right direction. I would HIGHLY recommend Audrey to other women who are looking to reset their dating approach and start afresh.”


33, Melbourne

“”I highly recommend My Wingwoman to other women looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves from a relationship point of view. From working with Audrey I feel clear, focussed and confident to cut out the noise and focus on what’s really important to me. Audrey is someone who is acutely aware of what is happening out in the relationship world and her feedback/advice is extremely helpful whilst trying to navigate the craziness of dating. Bloody wonderful! I don’t think I’d be doing as well as I am without you!”


30, Melbourne

“Audrey is SO knowledgeable in the area of relationships. She has given me the tools to date successfully and communicate my needs effectively. Audrey is fantastic ! HIGHLY recommended!”


30s, Australia

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